My life and career headed in a completely new direction when my husband, chris and I became expats. having worked in a credit reference agency in a high pressured sales role, I decided to take forward my new found love of pilates, and become a STOTTPILATES® Certified Instructor - a new life in many more ways than simply moving country!

There were a number of benefits I gained from incorporating Pilates into my exercise routine. I felt stronger; my posture improved; I had increasing control over my body; better understanding of efficient, functional movement; better knowledge of my muscles and how important it was to be evenly balanced; I constant dull ache I had in my (I then learnt!) left oblique went away (from all the hours sitting in my car driving to meeting's slouched to the left leaning on the car central console), are just a few of the benefits I gained.

Pilates improved my ability to do all other exercise in a correct way - for example supporting my lower back, and actually working the target muscle rather than allowing my body to cheat and use the wrong muscles.

I loved the addition to my exercise regime, which until then had been mostly running, weights and spinning classes - it was a calm class and it helped me relax, but was a workout that left me sweating and tired, but a different kind of exhaustion to other exercise. I will never forget the day my husband said he could feel my abdominal core muscles for the first time!

So, I moved from an established career to a completely new challenge of starting a business, establishing myself in a new industry, and taking a part of my life I knew was necessary to stay healthy, to entering the Fitness Industry, and having a business I could take around the world as we move.


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