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On this website you can find everything you need for your classes with me.  Information about Roaming Pilates; me and my Pilates qualification with STOTTPILATES® who I am certified with; general information about Pilates and what you can expect from integrating this into your workout regime; view the class schedule to look for free slots; and information on the Basic Principles of pilates.

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Charlotte Goff

My life and career headed in a completely new direction when my husband and I became expats, and I decided to follow his career.. Read More..


  • Bespoke private classesBased on the Postural Analysis (see F.A.Q) a series of classes will be created and managed to fit you, your ability and your pace. The focus will be on you and your needs, and tailored as we go. With the option of progress videos, you can watch as you improve, and of course, feel the improvements of dedicated, focused core exercises.
  • GROUP CLASSESWhere you are looking to introduce a new exercise class into your workout regime, a group pilates class is a great way to have a calm, but focused class and challenge your body. We work through all planes of movement in a class to give your body the challenges it needs to strengthen, resulting in your ability to move more efficiently and feel stronger, taller and leaner after your classes. Remember, persistence and commitment is key as with anything you want to achieve and improve!
  • Fun, enjoyable, informative, classesAll my classes wether group or private will help you learn about your body, your muscles and (if you have any) habitual changes you can make day to day to improve your posture along side the Pilates classes. The classes are varied, and challenging, and always fun when there are others to share your journey! My aim is to help you understand muscle engagement and correction so you can exercise well with or without me telling you want to do in all forms of exercise!
  • HOLISTIC REHABILITATION APPROACHFor those with an injury or long term problem, I can work with your medical professional to deliver a 1-2-1 focused session to slowly work to improve the problem. I integrate specific muscle work as recommended by your Osteo, Physio, Chiropractor, and ongoing, work with them and you to increase function and muscle strength and balance to reduce the injury/ongoing problem.

Opening Hours:

  • Monday - Friday: 9:00 AM - 20:00 PM
  • Saturday-Sunday: Closed